Foundation: 1997
Employees: 10
Sales (2015): € 0,5 M
EGORA stake: 70,3 %
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Daventry, United Kingdom

"We pride ourselves in our ability to work with our customers to supply a system which does everything they require." (Keith Oakes, MD and Founder)

Manufacturer of high specification compact laser systems, including diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers and line narrowed laser diodes.

As the original group to commercialise the microchip laser developed at the University of St Andrews, our technical experts have unrivalled experience in turning ambitious design concepts into reality. By working closely with our customers and their end-users, we offer optimised laser solutions for a range of applications. For example, whilst there are many manufacturers of green DPSS lasers, very few can be used in a number of demanding applications, including Raman spectroscopy, computer to plate reprographics and speckle interferometry. The narrow linewidths, high spectral purity, power stability and beam pointing stability inherent in our design gives the feature set needed to enable our customers to manufacture the systems their customers need.

Elforlight sells internationally direct and through a number of leading high-tech distributors to OEM customers, universities, government and corporate research laboratories. In addition to selling in volume to instrumentation and pre-press equipment manufacturers in Europe and the Far East, we include government fusion research laboratories in the USA, UK and France among our customer base.

Among its customers range companies in the field of medical ophthalmology, printing and display technology.

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