EGORA Ventures Group

High Tech Network

Our added value contribution to partner companies exceeds mere financial support. All companies in our group profit from our closely knit high-tech network, our entrepreneurial know-how, and our personal involvement.

It was not accidental that entrepreneurs used the market opportunities, offered by high-tech, to start up seven new companies, are founded by EGORA. Two of which are:

AMS Technologies AG, has developed into being one of Europe’s largest sales organizations for high-tech components and systems due to their excellent competence in technical consulting. In-depth knowledge of the market and close co-operation with their customers have been the decisive factors for success.

In 1999 ADVA Optical Networking SE, EGORA’s first spin-off, was launched on the Neuer Markt Exchange in Frankfurt. Today, being an innovation- and market-leader, ADVA Optical SE is a multinational market driver and listed in the TecDAX. Another fine proof for the benefit of our actively-involved business approach.

Today all subsidiaries develop and serve their own markets with their products and solutions, which include a full spectrum of broadband communications, business services through to platform technology of biotech industry.

Investment decisions of EGORA Ventures Group were made in logical consequence, from these fields of competence. All partner companies, can make use of the experiences and valuable contacts of our entrepreneurs and board members which is extremely useful to technology companies in their early development phases.