Active entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs help entrepreneurs

A financial investment in most case is not sufficient to build a successful company, especially when the company faces competitive and quickly growing markets. In depth experience is often lacking in the early stages for making the right decisions. Finance-sit-wait does hardly ever work, and does not reflect our entrepreneurial spirit. We want to be actively involved. EGORA offers this very special support to their portfolio companies.

Our team includes entrepreneurs, who have started and successfully managed their own companies. We know the dynamics of high-tech markets and can empathize with entrepreneurial passion and vision. We know how to efficiently support new business ideas by additionally advising our partner companies during the value-adding process from product development to production, launch, sales and marketing.

Furthermore, by utilizing our valuable group synergies with spin-offs and investments, we can offer a unique combination of experience and personal involvement, know-how and networking to maximize performance right from the start.